Other nearby spots include Northern Rights, Benete, Playgrounds, Tropicals and Tongo. Or, feel free to explore the southern Sumbawa coastline, where many more reef passes are waiting to be discovered!  

A short drive up the coast, Supersuck and Scar Reef are both world-class, powerful lefthanders producing mechanical tubes that snake down the reef on the big swells they need to break. With critical take-offs, overhead barrels and sharp & shallow reef, these are the waves the pros come to surf West Sumbawa.

An easy walk down the beach from our resort brings you to Yoyo’s, the most consistent wave in West Sumbawa. Located in the wide-open Sekongkang Bay, a couple of exposed slabs offer a choice of two fun rights that can barrel and handle swells up to 6ft. Trade winds can blow up in the afternoon, so staying with us at Balong-Balong makes it easy to get in early on the glassy morning sessions!